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We are trying to be fair an honest here. We do not see any cookies nor put any on your site but it is possible that Google do in connection with their advertising - which we do not have any control over. If and when Google issue guidance about this we will immediately put it here.

This web site records certain parameters of its visitors and here are the details. It does not record your name or address, nor your 'phone number, age or sexual orientation, but it does make a note of the area of the country where you are accessing the site (at county or city level - we do not know your street address, this is sometimes totally inaccurate by the way depending on which ISP you use) and also records the browser that you are using to view (why?).

From this information we can see how many visitors we get and our busiest times also which pages are viewed and for how long. Finally we can sometimes see if you searched for a certain phrase on a search engine, and if that directed you here. This is presumably to help us set up our pages better; we don't bother! We cannot and do not record which visitor looked at which pages so we cannot work out an individuals information. As you can see compared to many others this site is fairly harmless!

İFebruary 2017
Terms of use of this website
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