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This site will be used for research into the history of the Philpot family of Sussex in the U.K. 
It has been set up in the hope that the Internet search engines will find it when any of my relatives look for their ancestors.

My Grandfather was Laurence Thomas Weston Philpot (almost universally known as "Laurie") who used to work on Fleet Street for most of the broadsheet newspapers based there at the time including The Daily and Sunday Telegraph, The Times, The Financial Times, The Daily Mail, etc.. 
He also worked in advertising and other "money making" schemes. 
Most didn't by the way (make money, that is!).

My Father's Father's Father was Thomas Weston Philpot born in 1884 who worked for The Manchester Guardian. 
My Father's Mother's name is presently unknown but MAY have been Sophia.

His Father's Father's Father was Frederick J Philpot born app. 1861 in Holborn, London.
The family seem to have worked as Estate Agent's for some time in Ilford in Essex. 

My Mother was Ailsa Philpot
My Mother's Mother was Audrey M*****

Ailsa and Laurie Philpot were married in London in c. 1947.

We can trace my Mothers' family back until approx 1100 in Scotland!
Unfortunately we know far less about my father's family.

If you can help in our quest, or are perhaps related, please email me by typing robert then the @ symbol then philpot then me.
(In other words robert then @ then the domain address at the top of this page)
I have written the link like this so that some of the machines who collect email addresses to bombard us all with advertising may not find it so easy.

I would be extremely interested to learn why there are so many families called "Philpot" in Sussex (there is even a Philpot's School and a Philpot's Quarry) and also why so many of them seem to have the initial R? 

Please also take a look at to see more about us and where we live.

İFebruary 2017
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